Carol Sicbaldi is a local tour guide in Florence, Italy, who speaks English (native), Italiano

Carol Sicbaldi
First visit: 02 November 2018
Last visit: 02 November 2018
Florence, Italy
English (native), Italiano
since 1991
I specialize in guided, active (or non-active) food and wine tours not only in Tuscany, but throughout Italy. I have almost two decades of experience in a variety of regions. Together we will visit artisans, artists, food professionals, home chefs, farmers, bee keepers, food artisans who are working their passion. We can walk, cycle or drive to a variety of these fascinating, exclusive visits. Absolutely, always an insider experience!
With a strong Italian heritage and a background in travel and tourism, moving to Bologna, Italy in 2000 and then to Tuscany in 2010 was a dream come true. I spent decades designing, leading tours and managing trips for large tour operators.
Little did I know my dream was just around the corner: establishing my own business, Carol’s Moveable Feast.

I create authentic Italian travel experiences allowing you the opportunity to breathe in the landscapes, architecture, art, food, wine and people of this indescribably beautiful country, Italy.

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