Christian Galea is a local tour guide in Valletta, Malta, who speaks English (native), Italiano

Christian Galea
First visit: 27 September 2019
Last visit: 18 February 2024
Valletta, Malta
English (native), Italiano
since 2004

I have been guiding visitors to the Maltese Islands with a passion for many years. I offer city walking tours in both Valletta and Mdina but also other tours in a chauffeur driven car all over the Maltese Islands. Any tailor made tour is discussed and easily created.

I am a lisenced tourist guide who has done the job as a professional for over 15 years. I love doing my job and I love the country where I live and which I myself keep on discovering in further detail as I show its many facets to all visitors. Malta is an amazing country because anyone visiting can combine so many different aspects of a typical holiday. Discover the amazing history and art while trying the most scrumptious food while taking in some of the most amazing views you'll ever see. Easily go swimming at the many beaches we've got or hiking along the cliffs or through the luscious valleys. Meet the people at the many events held in the villages or just sit back and enjoy the fireworks all night.

I can show you all of this. It is the discovery of a place you have to experience.

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