Dalvi Goncalves is a local tour guide in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, who speaks Português (native), English

Dalvi Goncalves
First visit: 22 October 2015
Last visit: 05 November 2023
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Português (native), English
since 2010
Private tours like a real Brazilian. Christ and Sugar Loaf, Hikes , trails and walking tour inside the favela.
ex militar from the special forces in brazilian army, geographer, tour guide and a lover of the city of the Rio de janeiro, work with tourism come like a perfect line between the love and experience. trained in the rain forest (amazon) and with huge experience with climbing and rappel techniques we offer you the best what we have in tours.

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Me and my niece have a wonderful time on the trail to the Christ with Dalvi. We could notice that he has lot of experience in this kind of tour, and great knowledge not only about this place, but about the whole city. We can't wait to do the trail to "pedra da gavea" with him as well.
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