Damir Skopljak is a local tour guide in Istanbul, Turkey, who speaks Bosanski (native), Hrvatski, Srpski, Türkçe

Damir Skopljak
First visit: 16 February 2017
Last visit: 27 September 2021
Istanbul, Turkey
Bosanski (native), Hrvatski, Srpski, Türkçe
since 2002
Nezaboravan dozivljaj Istanbula i cijele Turske
Historical education and wide experience of working as a guide let me assert,that my tours will bring you the most positive emotions.
A guide with lots of knowledge and experience. Always ready to explain everything - about the city and other tourist needs. He was taking care of us all the time as a parent. It was very important for him to introduce us to the city so that we can also navigate around Istanbul ourselves. In addition to the history of Istanbul and Turkey, we also learned a lot about today's life there.
Thank you, Damir.
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