Dennis- Kilimanjaro- is a local tour guide in Moshi, Tanzania, United Republic of, who speaks English (native)

Dennis- Kilimanjaro-
First visit: 30 March 2018
Last visit: 07 January 2023
Moshi, Tanzania, United Republic of
English (native),
since 2004
specialist in Climbing Kilimanjaro mountain, Zanzibar beach holiday, Combined Safaris in Tanzania and Zanzibar, Honeymoon holidays, Mount Meru Climbing, Tanzania quality camping adventures and standard lodge Safaris, East Africa wildebeest migration tours and Cultural tours.I am personally dedicated to provide an enjoyable tour program for my clients while ensuring their comfort and safety as they take the exciting journey to discovery Tanzania. I invite to let me guide you with my unique and specialized my tours. I assure you that my tours will refresh you and give you added enjoyment to your time in Tanzania.. Lets have a great journey together! #TourGuides #BestTravelGuides #Tanzania #mountkilimanjaro Dennis Kilimanjaro Kilimanjaro
Meet Dennis Shayo, your tour guide, cheerleader and first aid giver all rolled in one!
Should you sign up for a Kilimanjaro trek with Dennis, be warned it will not be an ordinary experience. Rather, expect to be exposed to a generous dose of enthusiasm, knowledge and chocolates as you make your way up. There is then Dennis’ special brand of humor that makes you chuckle all the way to the roof of Africa!
a tour guide who specializes in English language. I have earned many certificates in Management and Customer Relations with an extensive experience with many tours agencies from the USA and other English speaking countries. I have a high level of degree which makes me an expert in all branches, to name a few, I am a professional licensed tour guide who has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro 200+ times. With my extensive experience working in the tourism profession, now I work independently and offer my assistance and experience to tourists.

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