Dijana Vukelic is a local tour guide in Senj, Croatia, who speaks Hrvatski (native), Deutsch, English

Dijana Vukelic
First visit: 06 March 2018
Last visit: 06 March 2018
Senj, Croatia
Hrvatski (native), Deutsch, English
since 2011
Vicinity of National parks Plitice Llakes, Nature park Velebit, islands and other tourist centers provides you with the opportunity of field trips to experience cultural, historical and other interesting sites in our region of Croatia. You will spend your excursion in genuine nature oasis, away from crowds and pollution. Accept the challenge and let me guide you.
Hi! Hospitality, Tourism, organization, teamwork, presentations, marketing, hiking, adventure, travel guide, communications, ecology, meet new friends, and private business, enjoying the work that life and work that I do and of course try to enrich it with new projects and personal pleasure. ..

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