Ebtesam Mahmoud is a local tour guide in Saleh Gahin, Egypt, who speaks العربية (native), English

Ebtesam Mahmoud
First visit: 12 June 2023
Last visit: 02 March 2024
Saleh Gahin, Egypt
العربية (native), English
since 2018
I arrange tours excursions all over Egypt,booking hotels, walk tours . I can help you organize your flexible itinerary and enjoy your time in Egypt. I have already set itineraries to help you best immerse yourself in a country's culture. Welcome to Egypt may all who enter as guests leave as friends :)
Ever since I was little my dream was to work in tourism. I wasn't only interested in working as a Tour guide but I was fascinated by the tourism as a system and how it all works to provide the best possible service to guests. Therefore, I enrolled in a high school focused on tourism (Tourism and Hotel Management School five years system) that gave me plenty of general knowledge regarding tourism.
To my higher education I decided to enroll for a bachelor in Tourism(Guidance department) in Tell Al Amarna, the ancient city of king Akhenten and queen Nefertiti because I wanted to gain a deep knowledge of History and Archaeology which would help me in proceeding with my career in tourism. After a nine-year study, I decided turned my scientific study and experience into a practical reality as an Egyptologist guide from ministry of tourism guiding tourist all over Egypt . I have experience working as a guide for 12 years. Now am Master researcher to study deeply the ancient Egyptian mythology I have a great love and knowledge of Egypt.

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