Eliya Tumaini is a local tour guide in Arusha, Tanzania, United Republic of, who speaks English (native), Deutsch, Español, French, Italiano

Eliya Tumaini
First visit: 17 January 2016
Last visit: 16 March 2024
Arusha, Tanzania, United Republic of
English (native), Deutsch, Español, French, Italiano
since 2003
I offer customized tours in Tanzania and Kenya e.g Safari adventures and Beach Holidays
I was born in Tanzania and I grew up in the tourism, travel and leisure industry as my father was in the travel industry. I founded my own agency after having worked for 9 years with various tour companies as a driver guide and progressing to operations manager. I gained the experience and vision for what is considered to be the most important principles in operating a successful safari adventure business from traveling through East Africa countries: from Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda to Burundi, gathering experience and establishing contacts with safari companies and tour guides. I have exceptional knowledge of East Africa and exploring is my lifestyle, and I strive to deliver the right trip for the wildlife experience of a lifetime and to ensure that my first goal of commitment to sustainable tourism and the long-term conservation of habitats will continue to be meaningful. Through my agency we support private concessions that have partnerships with local communities and also we ensure that the accommodations used are Eco-friendly, with low usage of energy resources. We go where YOU want, and depart when YOU want.

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