FAQ of Private Tour Guides

frequently asked questions of tour guides
​How can I get registered as a tour guide on this website?
​How does it work?
​How much does it cost to register as a guide?
I do not understand who pays for the guide’s work, when and how?
I want to register as a tourist guide, but I can't find my country (city) in the list of countries (cities) on the GuidesFinder website.
​What should I do if I have problems completing the registration form of the tour guide on the site?
I can not see my CONTACT on my profile (email, telefon, website). How can people contact me?
What is a Premium Account?
​Why are tourists not contacting me?
How can I attract the tourists’ attention to my guide’s page?
How do I change the information in my profile?
I noticed on some guides profiles it says "LICENSED". I am also a licensed tour guide and would like to know how do I get the banner on my picture as well?
I don't know how to enter my account. Where should I go?
​I cannot recall my password, what shall I do?
Can the tourist contact the guide directly?
​I got an email notification of a new message, how can I reply?
Why shall I give the detailed information about myself?
How can I publish tours on the tour guide page?
How can I edit or delete my tour?
​How can I delete my guide account?
What shall I do if I can’t find an answer to my question?
​If there is a conflict between the tourist and the guide, will GuidesFinder help to resolve it?