FAQ of Travelers and Tourists

frequently asked questions of travelers and tourists
​I don't know how to enter my account. Where should I go?
How to free apply for a tour guide search?
​How does it work?
​I do not understand who pays for the guide’s work, when and how?
​I cannot find a suitable guide, what shall I do?
Do I have to pay registration fees?
Can the tourist contact the guide directly?
​Do I need to register to contact the guide?
​How can I get registered as a tourist on this website?
​I got an email notification of a new message, how can I reply?
​If there is a conflict between the tourist and the guide, will GuidesFinder help to resolve it?
Can I leave review about the work of the tourist guide?
I want to recommend a guide to my friends. How can i do this?
​I cannot find a suitable tour, what shall I do?
​I cannot recall my password, what shall I do?
​What shall I do if I’m not able to register the account?
What shall I do if I can’t find an answer to my question?