Franceska Donati is a local tour guide in Florence, Italy, who speaks Italiano (native), English, Español, French, Norsk

Franceska Donati
First visit: 02 September 2016
Last visit: 28 August 2016
Florence, Italy
Italiano (native), English, Español, French, Norsk
since 1990
Exciting guided tours discovering wonderful cities of Toscany
Buongiorno a tutti!

I\'m Francesca, a Licensed Tourist Guide and Tour Director in Tuscany with a long experience in tourism.

It\'s a big pleasure and privilege to share Tuscany with those wishing to experience its history, beauty, traditions, curiosity, cooking, wines. . .

Someone said \"When in Rome do as the Romans do\". . . I like to say \"When in Tuscany do as Tuscans do\"! My goal? Let my customers feel like Tuscans in Tuscany!

Welcome to Tuscany, Welcome to Wonderland!

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