Gadi Chelouche is a local tour guide in Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel, who speaks עברית (native), English

Gadi Chelouche
First visit: 06 March 2016
Last visit: 26 September 2018
Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
עברית (native), English
since 2012
History, Geography. Architecture, Nature, Culture, Economics and Arts are just a partial list of the fields that I will share with you.Exciting excursions to historical places
I was born in Tel Aviv of 1957, into a family with routs that reach deep into the heart of Israeli history. I am a certificated tour guide, including a license for \"Eshkol\" – drive for hire. I guide in Israel in English and Hebrew.

Before I became a tour guide, I held different positions in Israeli companies dealing with management, import and purchase.

I now work as a guide in Israel because of my love to the country and its heritage. I have been exploring this country from Dan, far up north to Eilat in the south since my childhood, and so my hobby and love became my profession. I love working with visitors of all ages and groups of all sizes, and can adapt any tour to the specific needs or interests of my guests.

Naturally, the most-requested tours are those of Jaffa, Jerusalem, The Dead Sea and Galilee but I can offer my clients much deeper encounters with the past, present and maybe even the future of Israel.

I am open to discuss all options in order to help you carry out your dream.

I guide Delegations, Privet tours, outdoor activities, 4x4 tours and wine tours. Often in Israel it\'s all about culture and society: Jews, Muslims and Christians on the one hand, and understanding other minorities on the other hand.

I guide and help with family events like weddings and bar mitzvahs. I guide in the Negev and Eilat, and even Jordan is an option. This ensures that you\'ll get to maximize your time and enjoy it to the fullest everywhere we go.


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