Hamid Gharbal is a local tour guide in Rabat, Morocco, who speaks العربية (native), English, French

Hamid Gharbal
First visit: 22 May 2024
Last visit: 22 May 2024
Rabat, Morocco
العربية (native), English, French
since 2023
A walking tour of Rabat, Morocco, allows you to explore the city's rich history and culture. Begin the walking tour with Hassan Tower's unfinished minaret, which includes the Mausoleum of Mohammed V, the ultimate resting place for Moroccan King Mohammed V and his two sons. Then visit the Udayas Kasbah for a panoramic view of the city and ocean. Explore the Andalusian Gardens, a beautiful place to relax and enjoy the Mediterranean climate. Finally, explore Rabat Medina, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the city's ancient old town
Hamid Gharbal is a tour guide certified by the ministry of tourism in Morocco,and director of CSM and ICYE Morocco, with a wide variety of administrative and operational responsibilities that include executing legal documents, managing human resources, and handling funds. In addition to these responsibilities, Gharbal is in charge of connecting association members and overseeing national and international cooperation. He supervises the incoming volunteers, ensuring that they are placed with suitable host families and mentors while working on their projects. My favorite places that I visit are Italy and Spain.

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