Igor Porobija is a local tour guide in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegowina, who speaks Bosanski (native), English, Hrvatski, Srpski

Igor Porobija
First visit: 13 May 2024
Last visit: 14 May 2024
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegowina
Bosanski (native), English, Hrvatski, Srpski
since 2015
I am going to present to you our rich history and our most important landmarks, combined with hidden gems and locally preserved crafts. I will also show you the places with the best food, desserts, or traditional coffee, combined with wine and cheese recommendations. I will do my best to make you feel comfortable and to enjoy my home town. You will remember how Sarajevo looks, tastes, and feels.
I am an experienced tour guide and a passionate traveler myself. I will easily adapt to your interests and provide an amazing story-telling experience. My knowledge and experience are combined with a passion for food, drink, culture, and photography. I'm happy to provide a unique experience and help you get some nice photos from Sarajevo as well.

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