Ivana Grkes is a local tour guide in Dubac, Croatia, who speaks Hrvatski (native), English, French

Ivana Grkes
First visit: 22 August 2016
Last visit: 23 June 2019
Dubac, Croatia
Hrvatski (native), English, French,
since 2014
Je vous offre des tours autours de Dubrovnik, une ville ancienne au bord de la mer Adriatique. Contactez-moi et découvrez une histoire qui commence au VIeme siecle :)
I am Ivana and I'm 27 years old. I live in Dubrovnik from very first day of my life and I enjoy it since then. I was always interested in rich history of this town, and I always fall in love again when I enter the Old town. All those emotions and stories I would like to share with you. Dubrovnik is beautiful experience for everyone.

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