Ivana Jelavic-Mitrovic is a local tour guide in Split, Croatia, who speaks Hrvatski (native), English

Ivana Jelavic-Mitrovic
First visit: 15 January 2016
Last visit: 23 June 2019
Split, Croatia
Hrvatski (native), English
since 2004
Walking tour, city tour, half/all day excursions, road tours, tours to other cities and countries, special tours for kids...
If you need a licensed tour guide for Dalmatia ( Split, Trogir,Šibenik,Hvar, NP Krka...) with more than 10years of experience, you are at the right place!

I\' ve been also touring croatian and foreign groups to other countries,such as Greece, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, UK, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Macedonia, Bosnia, Albania...you name it, I\'ve seen it and guide it! :)

Traveling, history, beautiful stories, great food ,meeting other people and knowing more about other cultures...all of that is what makes me as a person...it\' s my passion and I\'ll be more than happy to be able sharing all that with you! :)

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