Jeandy Delgado is a local tour guide in Havana, Cuba, who speaks Español (native), English

Jeandy Delgado
First visit: 23 August 2015
Last visit: 15 October 2015
Havana, Cuba
Español (native), English,
since 2015
Personalized tours around the city and outside to natural places
My name is Jeandy, I am 30 years old and I am from Pinar del Río, land of the best tobacco in the world but also the province with the 44% of the forest surface of Cuba. I moved to Havana three years ago.

I like to create tours based around my clients\' interests and necessities. I feel really honored to show the beauty of my country, all the interesting places we have, but above all to connect people from different countries with my culture, my people, and also enrich their knowledge with amazing experiences.

I believe that my tours are different. While I would be happy to show you the most popular sights in the Old Town, my real passion is to show you natural places where you can enjoy the relaxing sounds of nature and interact directly with a colorful environment out of the crowded and noisy city.

My first priority on tour is to guarantee the safety of my valued clients. I believe we can have a lot of fun together, in a relaxing and safe way. Cuba has many charming mysteries to offer the world and I\'m here to help you discover them!

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