jellah mohamed is a local tour guide in Aroumd, Morocco, who speaks English (native), Deutsch, Español, French, العربية

jellah mohamed
First visit: 21 March 2016
Last visit: 10 August 2018
Aroumd, Morocco
English (native), Deutsch, Español, French, العربية
since 2007

We are a small company based in the Berber village of Aroumd, at the foot of Jebel Toubkal. Each of our adventures is expertly crafted to ensure you experience Morocco as you have never imagined.

As a local Berber, Mohamed is attuned to creating a personal experience for you and connecting you to the local people and culture. His expert knowledge will enable you to taste, see and experience true Morocco, creating lifetime memories. Whether your adventure of choice is trekking, biking, skiing, or camel ridding we have designed each to ensure every moment and detail of your adventure exceeds your wildest imagination.

The moment our plane arrived in Marrakech Mohamed was available. He met us at the airport and guided us through the most wonderful adventure holiday I have been on. Ensuring that we were settled in our Raid, which he had arranged, we then were guided through the next 15 days with maps and were able to ask any questions. The tour itself was seamless. Mohamed was highly educated and able to answer even the most detailed questions about the region and people. Each day of our trek we were greeted with beautiful scenery, perfect weather, and friendly locals. Mohamed arranged each detail of the adventure, making the planning very simple; not easy to do with a group of 9 people all living in different cities. The accommodations, transportation, hiking route, and one cannot forget to mention the food were outstanding! We must have had one of the best cooks in Morocco join us on our trek and were spoiled each day with fresh salads, cous cous, tajin, pastas, treats , freshly made bread … you name it, our cook Abrahim made it. The end of the tour was just as smoothly planned. Mohamed had arranged for the transportation, and our Riad upon our return to Marrakech, a tour of Marrakech during the ‘free’ day before our flight, and our airport transfer for the return flight. Having all the small details planned allowed us to simply enjoy, stress free, soaking in each moment spent in this wonderful country.

If you are considering an adventure holiday to Morocco I would highly recommend Mohamed and his team. Mohamed made the trek, which exceeded far beyond my expectations!
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