Joni Sanderovitch is a local tour guide in Jerusalem, Israel, who speaks עברית (native), English, Svenska

Joni Sanderovitch
First visit: 20 January 2023
Last visit: 03 May 2024
Jerusalem, Israel
עברית (native), English, Svenska
since 2016
As a tour guide, I specialize in offering unique and personalized tours throughout Israel. Whether you're exploring the bustling streets of Tel Aviv or discovering the historical wonders of Jerusalem, my tours are tailored to your interests and preferences. With me, you can expect an experience that isn't only informative and engaging, but also memorable.
Shalom and welcome to Israel!

My name is Joni Sanderovitch and I have been a professional tour guide licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism for over 10 years. I take great pride in my passion for history and sharing its stories with visitors. Most importantly, I strive to create a personal, immersive experience that will make your tour of Israel unforgettable.

During my tours, I incorporate humor and interesting anecdotes to keep things lively and entertaining. I also enjoy showing you hidden gems and lesser visited places that offer unique and unparalleled insights into the country. From traditional landmarks to local markets, from significant historical sites to stunning photogenic areas, my tours encompass the best of Israel.

My ultimate goal is to avoid crowds and show you the best Israel has to offer. I look forward to sharing this beautiful country with you and providing you with a truly memorable experience.

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