Jozef Steis is a local tour guide in Bratislava, Slovakia, who speaks Slovak (native), English, Español

Jozef Steis
First visit: 19 January 2024
Last visit: 19 January 2024
Bratislava, Slovakia
Slovak (native), English, Español
since 1988
I offer tours in the capital city of Slovakia: Bratislava as well as in the neighboring cities in Slovakia in ENGLISH and SPANISH languages. If you want to visit the city packed by the history and many singularities, enjoying the medieval city which is walkable, do not hesitate to visit Bratislava. can put together a private tour custom-tailored just for you. Just tell me how much time you have in Bratislava, what your interests are, and whether you’re traveling alone or with one other person or a larger group. And we can go beyond Bratislava. Let’s talk!
My name is Jozef (Joseph, José) and I’m looking forward to showing you everything I know and love about my city, Bratislava, plus other cities and areas nearby.
I was born in Bratislava, am a certified official tourist guide and have worked in tourism since I was a student. I lived in several countries around the world and visited morethan 40 countries. I am a member of the Association of the Bratislava Tourist Guides
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Vinculado con el turismo desde muy joven como estudiante, siendo guía turístico de la Agencia de Turismo de Juventud (CKM Praga), especializada para el turismo egresivo.
Posteriormente tomé cursos de especialización: guía turístico de Checoslovaquia y guía turístico local para Bratislava.
Luego trabajé en el área de legislación turística en Eslovaquia y actualmente guía de turistas certificado, miembro de la Asociación de Guías Turísticos de Bratislava, siendo autónomo.
He viajado por más de 40 países del mundo, viviendo en 4 de ellos por más de 2 aňos en cada uno.

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