Kakhaber Janashvili is a local tour guide in Tbilisi, Georgia, who speaks ქართული (native), English, French, Русский

Kakhaber Janashvili
First visit: 09 August 2016
Last visit: 12 August 2016
Tbilisi, Georgia
ქართული (native), English, French, Русский
since 2009

Welcome to GEORGIA We have affordable prices You will be fully satisfied with our tours If you unsatisfied with the routes proposed by us and you wish to take a route chosen by you, you can write us to our contact email address. The tour price will be paid on-site, at the beginning of the tour. We also offer a 40 minutes air travel possibility on the top of Kakheti for affordable price with A-22 and Cessna-152 type planes. We will provide you with details on-site. Full information about our tours you can find on our website. Visit us! We will host you appropriately.

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