Kamal Ud-Din is a local tour guide in Islamabad, Pakistan, who speaks English (native), Español

Kamal Ud-Din
First visit: 12 December 2020
Last visit: 13 December 2020
Islamabad, Pakistan
English (native), Español
since 2010
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I'm a passionate Traveler, photographer and nature lover from Pakistan and lover of creatures of God. My experience will try to illustrate the best scenery, creatures and moments for viewers.
No doubt "beauty lays in beholder eyes".
Adventure sports not only remove the fear factor but also help in acquiring the ‘I can do it’ attitude. I offer everyone to fulfill their unfulfilled endeavors.
Also targets at cultivating a habit of healthy game and adventurous spirit among the people around the world. I offers positive and safe excursion that is both exciting and challenging. I intend to equip the people with practical knowledge, right skill set and hands on experience for outdoor ventures and quests beyond the Mighty Karakorum.

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