Kawsar Ahmed is a local tour guide in Tongi, Bangladesh, who speaks English (native)

Kawsar Ahmed
First visit: 30 June 2024
Last visit: 30 June 2024
Tongi, Bangladesh
English (native),
since 2019
Dhaka Tour Guides Services for Foreign Tourists Operating Freelance tours & promoting Bangladesh tourism. Your ultimate partner for memorable adventures across Bangladesh’s diverse landscapes and culture.
As a passionate tour operator in Bangladesh, I specialize in crafting unforgettable journeys through the vibrant landscapes, rich culture, and diverse heritage of our beautiful country.Dhaka Tour Guides is implenting tours for foreigners all over the country and also promoting Bangladesh tourism. I was a student of University of Dhaka. I was from the department of International Relations and also completed my post-graduation in International Relations . I have already guided more than 65 tourists from different countries. I am born and brought up in Dhaka. So I am familiar with this city since my birth. And I myself is a traveler and love to explore places. Though I haven’t got that much chances to see all around the world till now, but I will, someday!

With a deep love for Bangladesh’s natural beauty and a commitment to responsible tourism, I strive to create authentic, sustainable experiences that leave a positive impact on both travelers and local communities.

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