Kristina Coza is a local tour guide in Split, Croatia, who speaks Hrvatski (native), English, Español

Kristina Coza
First visit: 13 May 2016
Last visit: 23 June 2019
Split, Croatia
Hrvatski (native), English, Español
since 2014
walking tours, country side tours, first time visitor tours,fun tours

I am Kristina and I come from Split. I have been born and raised in Split.

As I lived for some time abroad, and am also a passionate traveler, I am easily accustomed to other cultures and religions and can make a connection between guest\'s country\'s history and religion and the one of my country, Croatia.

My guests love me because of my approach that is full of love for this job.

I love people and new experiences

They also like me because of my irreparable positivity with which I try to lighten the day for everybody and that it is my biggest mission.

Take a tour with me and have the time of your life with a unique guide.

I am very cheerful, efficient and dedicated to her work.

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