Kristine Krapane is a local tour guide in Vecpilsēta, Latvia, who speaks Русский (native), English, French

Kristine Krapane
First visit: 09 December 2016
Last visit: 17 April 2018
Vecpilsēta, Latvia
Русский (native), English, French,
since 2012
- Old Town walking tour: a walk through the Old City of Riga, its narrow and historic streets. You will be introduced to the history of the development of Riga, information about the main monuments, as well as some legends and interesting facts. - A visit of Art Nouveau district: Riga is considered to be the Art Nouveau metropolis, because 1/3 of all buildings were constructed in this particular style which surprises every visitor of the city! - The Central Market: walking tour through the Riga Central Market which is the biggest in the Europe.You will know the history of the market, Latvian cuisine and you will have a possibility to taste local products. During the walking tour we don\'t enter the objects from inside. If the one wants to visit a church or museum, he/she covers all the expenses.
My name is Kristine and I am certified guide in Riga. I work in French and English languages. I graduated Latvian Academy of Culture where I studied \"Cultural relations between Latvia and France\", there I learned the history of art, world history and French language.

To get much deeper knowledge I also took courses to become a tour guide in Riga. My passions are learning new languages, other countries\' culture, architecture, traditions and history.

Daily I work with clients from France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg and others giving them a possibility to have a friendly walk through the streets of the Old Town, the famous Art Nouveau district and Riga Central Market.

I think that the impression of the city where we live is made by ourselves.So it\'s important not only to describe the history or different facts but also \"translate\" our culture, our view to the life and explain why it is just like that and not otherwise. My obtained knowledge and experience let me to do it and people are satisfied. I have a good relationship which developed with many clients that I still maintain.


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