Laura Carsillo is a local tour guide in Padua, Italy, who speaks Italiano (native), English

Laura Carsillo
First visit: 28 May 2024
Last visit: 28 May 2024
Padua, Italy
Italiano (native), English
since 2001
I'm an art historian (Ph.D in Art History) and I love to transmit my knowledge and passion for art. My tours are especially dedicated to people who are fascinated by beauty and art.
I was born in Rome where I lived and studied until 2005. Later I moved to Florence and finally to Padua where I still live and work. I've always been interested in Art and I've often spent my time visiting museums and private collections in every city I had the opportunity to live (Rome, Florence, Paris, Venice, Padua ecc.). I'm particularly sensitive to the theme of UNESCO World Heritage, as I also worked in Florence at the UNESCO WHS office (Municipality of Florence).

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