Linda Zanten is a local tour guide in Amsterdam, Netherlands, who speaks Nederlands (native), Deutsch, English

Linda Zanten
First visit: 24 February 2016
Last visit: 24 February 2016
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Nederlands (native), Deutsch, English,
since 2011
Linda loves to show you Amsterdam, the city she has been living since 2009. She will do her very best to explain everything, but not everything is explainable in Amsterdam. Some things you just have to experience! A tour with Linda will make sure that you will get to see all the famous sights, less famous sights and the history of this beautifull city. Available as your private guide or join the sign in tours in the weekends!
Linda is living in Amsterdam since 2009. From on the beginning she had the feeling that she wanted to share her new city with others.

The first years she was working at Madame Tussauds. As Madame Tussauds is situated on Dam square in the middle of the old city she really had the feeling being a part of the city.

After 3 years there was nothing else she wanted to do but guiding! So Linda started working at HTG Services/ Kamstra in 2012. With a lot of joy she learned the ins and outs of guiding by doing it! Since she started guiding she knew that her passion for the city, entertaining, presenting and organising all came together.

In 2014 she was ready to start her own company: Linda Presents.

As Linda is saying: she is not working as a guide, but she is a guide!

At the moment Linda is following the official study at the ROCVA to become an official National Guide.

During this period she is a student member of Guidor, The Dutch National Guides Association. She will be graduading in December 2016.

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