Liran Gabay is a local tour guide in Jerusalem, Israel, who speaks עברית (native), English

Liran Gabay
First visit: 14 June 2019
Last visit: 10 November 2022
Jerusalem, Israel
עברית (native), English
since 2005
A tour guide in Israel, speaking English, I own a large modern luxurious, and luxurious vehicle that can take us to every place in the country. I know Israel very well, am a resident of the north and specialize in the central region and Jerusalem. Young, friendly and funny, very flexible for the tourist's needs and preferences
I am Liran, a resident of northern Israel, a tour guide for more than a decade. I also specialize in the center (Tel Aviv) and also in the capital and the holy city of Jerusalem. Always interested and constantly studying the history of Israel and watching the development of the state. Every trip awaits and enjoys getting to know new people from all over the world, leading them around Israel, and introducing them to my beloved country.

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