Lorena Garcia is a local tour guide in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, who speaks English (native), Español

Lorena Garcia
First visit: 19 March 2020
Last visit: 24 December 2023
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
English (native), Español
since 2018
Come to a futuristic country like UAE and I will tour you around all the extravagant buildings and cultures of Dubai and Abu Dhabi! Places like One of the tallest building of the world, Burg Khalifa, The Sailing building and the first and only 7 star Hotel, Burg Al Arab, the biggest Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque of UAE, Ferrari World and many others attractions!
I am a lady that enjoy and love meeting people from around the world. As a tourist guide I will not just show you the places but tell you the culture of Emirates people!

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