Marcus Preyer is a local tour guide in Amsterdam, Netherlands, who speaks Deutsch (native), English, Nederlands

Marcus Preyer
First visit: 14 February 2016
Last visit: 24 November 2019
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Deutsch (native), English, Nederlands
since 2006
walking, cycling and boattours in and around Amsterdam. Guided tours through the major museums in Amsterdam.
since the first day of employment i worked in the hospitality industry. In hotels and restaurants first in scuba diving later on and finally i found my home in Amsterdam. Amsterdam idoes take itself too seriously - according to the character of this rather open minded city, i show you our capital in my own way - with a twinkle in the eye.

If you are after dry facts or dates - read a book or look elsewhere. Here you get a varied and colorful view of Amsterdam and it\'s citizens, present or past.

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