Marina Busetto is a local tour guide in Venice, Italy, who speaks Italiano (native), English, Español

Marina Busetto
First visit: 25 January 2018
Last visit: 15 July 2022
Venice, Italy
Italiano (native), English, Español,
since 2013
Walking and boat tours in Venice focused on art, history and fun facts! Discover Venice through the eyes of a local
Ciao! My name is Marina,

I was born and raised on this beautiful “island”: Venice.
Believe it or not I soon fell in love with this job, Professional Tourist Guide in Venezia.
What job can be better then show this unique place to visitors from all over the world?
I remember that when I was young-er-, still in high school, every time I could spot a tour guide working I could not resist. I used to sneak behind the group of people, all listening carefully to the source of knowledge in front of them, pretending to be there by chance, I did try to listen instead.. and I could not understand a single word.
The feeling was a bit contradictory: disappointment and determination.
I wish I could understand and speak properly a foreign language, and so be able to communicate with people from other countries and cultures.
Not the easiest thing to do to my eyes, born in a Venetian family I grow up learning one and a half languages: Italian and Venetian dialect.
I managed to be fluent in English and Spanish and I graduated in Art History and Conservation of Cultural Heritage at the Ca' Foscari University of Venice.

If you are planning to come to Venice let me know! I would love to guide you through the highlights as well as the off-the-beaten paths of my city.

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