Maulid Omar is a local tour guide in Zanzibar City, Tanzania, United Republic of, who speaks Shqip (native), English, Español, French

Maulid Omar
First visit: 08 June 2020
Last visit: 14 June 2024
Zanzibar City, Tanzania, United Republic of
Shqip (native), English, Español, French
since 2015

I as professional tour guide I can offer range of assistance from travel advice and recommendation up to booking of domestic flight tickets but more specifically I can offer:

I am charismatics , Energetic and Charming indigenous Zanzibaris who equipped with great Knowledge In Tourism and Hospitality industry eager to meet new people from different corners across the world and like to share my Knowledge about my local place, people, culture and showing the guest amazing and astonishing places around the Island.

I like to show people attractive sites like Stone Town of Zanzibar, Prison Island, Safaris Blue, Mnemba coral Atoll, Spice garden and Cultural tour together with visit Swahili house.

* Karibu Zanzibar Hakuna matata*

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