Melak Worede is a local tour guide in Gonder, Ethiopia, who speaks English (native)

Melak Worede
First visit: 22 January 2019
Last visit: 25 January 2019
Gonder, Ethiopia
English (native),
since 2019
i specialized in cultural tours, historical tours, festival tours, adventure tours, wildlife safari, trekking, business tours, bird watching, photography and filming all over Ethiopia.i always aim to provide more than just a handful of happy memories.
A highly motivated Tour Guide who is a natural communicator and able to provide an entertaining and informative excursion to customers. i have a flair for talking to groups of people along with a good memory for facts and figures. i have always been a fantastic storyteller with an infectious sense of humour and is an expert at thinking quickly on my feet. Through my career i have learnt how to lead visitors through sites of historical and cultural interest. As a true professional i have a true passion for what i do .

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