Mie Tokunaga is a local tour guide in Hiroshima, Japan, who speaks 日本語 (native), English

Mie Tokunaga
First visit: 28 February 2016
Last visit: 07 July 2020
Hiroshima, Japan
日本語 (native), English
since 2011
iroshima has two World Heritage Sites ; Miyajima and A-bomb dome. Miyajima, literally means shrine island, has been worshiped as a god, where people and gods live together. You can enjoy its magnificent view of Itsukushima Shrine and the Red Giant Torii Gage, which look like floating in the sea. ​Hiroshima is the city where the first atomic bomb was dropped and explored in the world. Looking up the A-bomb Dome and visiting the Peace Memorial Museum teach us how precious the world peace is. Your private local guide can tell you the stories which are not on the ordinary guide books. Let\'s get around Hiroshima with a local guide and make your trip in Hiroshima special.
Hi, I am Mie. I am a national licensed tour guide with deep knowledge in Japanese history and culture.

I was born, raised and finished college in Hiroshima which has two World Heritage Sites, A-Bomb Dome and Miyajima. I love to guide you around my homeland and share ideas with you all.

I love walking, traveling, climbing mountains, camping and meeting people from all over the world.

I have traveled around Japan for climbing mountains for over 30 years, and traveled to Canada, Switzerland, France, Spain, Nepal, Korea, Hong Kong, U. S, and so on mostly for climbing, trekking and skiing.

So if you want to travel both in city or in nature, I will be your BEST guide.

I am looking forward to seeing you soon!!

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