Mirko Repac is a local tour guide in Belgrade, Republic of Serbia, who speaks Srpski (native), English, Русский

Mirko Repac
First visit: 30 November 2020
Last visit: 08 November 2023
Belgrade, Republic of Serbia
Srpski (native), English, Русский
since 2004
I am expirienced tour guide for privates and groups in Belgrade and around Serbia. I try very hard for my guests to bring back beautiful memories from Serbia, and that is why they return to Serbia to explore it. I am 6 in 1 - father, husband, Master of Tourism Management, tour guide, sailor and the driver. Contact me.
I have been a guide for over 15 years.

Together we can arrange different kind of tours according to your interest and needs. For example : city tours, shopping, receptive service, airport assistance, transfers, assistance in booking hotels and restaurants and much more...

Also, I can stand out you from the crowd and show you around the non-touristy places in cities and nature.

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