Mohammednasir Zia is a local tour guide in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, who speaks English (native)

Mohammednasir Zia
First visit: 06 April 2024
Last visit: 06 April 2024
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
English (native),
since 2023
As a tour guide in Dubai, I can offer a variety of experiences to visitors, including cultural heritage tours, desert safaris, culinary experiences, shopping tours, art and culture tours, religious tours, theme park tours, boat cruises, and customized tours tailored to visitors' interests. These experiences highlight Dubai's rich cultural heritage, modern architectural marvels, diverse culinary scene, vibrant art scene, religious diversity, and world-class attractions, providing visitors with memorable and enriching explorations of the city.
As a passionate and experienced tour guide in Dubai, I offer personalized and immersive experiences that showcase the city's rich culture, history, and modern attractions. With a deep knowledge of Dubai's heritage and a commitment to excellence, I ensure each tour is tailored to the interests and preferences of my guests. Join me for an unforgettable journey of discovery through the vibrant streets, iconic landmarks, and hidden gems of Dubai.

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