Nasim Aram is a local tour guide in Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran, who speaks پارسی (native), English, French

Nasim Aram
First visit: 29 June 2019
Last visit: 30 June 2019
Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran
پارسی (native), English, French
since 2013
hustle and bustle(not in traffic zone),your guide in many historical places,shopping centers,and introduce you many delicious cuisines
hello,.my name is nasiim . im a professional photographer (i 'm the owner of photography studio in Tehran) and a tour guide. when you are with me,you can enjoy having lots of professional photos in Iran. our tour would start from Tehran,. and then we can go other cities.. Tehran is packed with fascinating museums; the National Jewels Museum and National Museum stand out for their collections of treasure, art and historical artifacts. Visit the Golestan Palace, which origins date back to the 16th century; the complex is a stunning monument to the glories and excesses of the Qajar rulers. If you enjoy shopping, i can help you barter or just browse for souvenirs at the Grand Bazaar. At the end of your tour, i will be happy to help you choose a restaurant to enjoy some of the superb local cuisine.

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