Natasha Arsovska is a local tour guide in Skopje, Macedonia, who speaks Македонски (native), Български, English, Srpski, Türkçe

Natasha Arsovska
First visit: 01 May 2019
Last visit: 10 October 2020
Skopje, Macedonia
Македонски (native), Български, English, Srpski, Türkçe
since 2012
Tour guiding throughout Macedonia and Balkan
I'm Natasha Arsovska, and for better or worse, I'm a tour guide. I'll do my best to tell you something about Macedonia. I'm sure you all remember some history from your school days a long time ago. (I was never very good myself and rotten at remembering dates.) However, if you would like to listen me, I will try and tell you.

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