Nick Mazanishvili is a local tour guide in Tbilisi, Georgia, who speaks ქართული (native), English, Русский

Nick Mazanishvili
First visit: 07 February 2018
Last visit: 08 November 2021
Tbilisi, Georgia
ქართული (native), English, Русский
since 2007
I offer private day tours from the capital of Georgia-Tbilisi as well as longer tailor-made trips in different regions of the country including classical cultural tours,Eco-trips and wildlife,Church/Frescoes and Pilgrim trips,Wine and Gourmet tours,Walking/Trekking and adventurous tours.
I have been in tourism and hospitality field for over 11 years. Certified as a cultural tour guide,I have led many group and individual tours throughout Georgia.I hold a certificate in Critical situation management,responsible tourism and First Aid.
I am passionate and enthusiastic about my country and its varied and extensive culture which has inspired me to search out the many hidden gems in Georgia, to discover new, unusual and yet representative destinations by avoiding areas where mass tourism has led to over-crowded sites, and to follow paths less frequently traveled, to wineries and monasteries - that remain yet to be discovered by the world outside Georgia - to sites that nevertheless have shaped the course of Georgian history.
I seek to provide you, our guests, with tailor-made trips which open up a great opportunity to get to know the real heart and soul of Georgia close-up by taking part in different cultural activities that continue to knit the present with the past, and by meeting with locals who will warmly welcome you into their homes with the traditional Georgian saying: ”A guest is a gift from God”.
I seek to maintain a strong focus on each of our guests’ individual interests and personal preferences to ensure that I always deliver a cost-effective, quality-orientated, personalised travel product accompanied the highest standards of customer care.

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