Nikolina Penzo is a local tour guide in Dubrovnik, Croatia, who speaks Hrvatski (native), English, Italiano, Русский

Nikolina Penzo
First visit: 17 April 2016
Last visit: 25 April 2021
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Hrvatski (native), English, Italiano, Русский
since 2003
walking tours, country side tours, first time visitor tours, wine tasting, oyster tasting...
My name is Nikolina, I live and work as a tour guide in Dubrovnik . For a couple of years I lived and worked in Italy. It was an amazing experience for me! Since I graduated Russian language & Linguistics at Zagreb University in 2003. I have been working as a tour guide in Dubrovnik. In 2006. I attended a course and obtained a license for a professional tour guide for Dubrovnik & Neretva County. For nine years I guide different tours in English, Russian and Italian languages. I adore my job because every day is a challenge. I meet different people from different parts of the world and I have an opportunity to bring them closer so many things Dubrovnik has to offer. Dubrovnik has always been an amazing town and I\\\\\\\'m sure that after the tour with a local guide You will agree with me.

If You stay in Dubrovnik (or Cavtat) for a few days, there are many interesting places to visit.

If You arrive with a cruise ship, tell me your preferences and length of your stay and I will suggest the best combination for you!

That was the official part about me!

Would You like to know one little thing about me and my family? Well, my name is Nikolina and You already know that. But You don\\\\\\\'t know that my father is Nicholas or that my dear (I can not say otherwise) husband is Niksa. . . my father-in-law is Nicholas and my sister-in-law is Nikolina. . . her daughter has a slightly different name - Nicol !!!! But my cousin is Nikolina and my uncle is Nicholas. . . Would You like to know why? Well, we should meet than :)

Hope to see You soon in Dubrovnik!


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