Oscar Hernandez is a local tour guide in Bad Herrenalb, Germany, who speaks Español (native), Deutsch, English, French

Oscar Hernandez
First visit: 16 November 2015
Last visit: 23 May 2018
Bad Herrenalb, Germany
Español (native), Deutsch, English, French
since 1998
A mix between cultural and natural facts in the Black Forest region and all the mountain areas close by.
I am a mountain leader with lots of experience who love not only nature but history, art, traditional culture and people.

I can offer you the possibility of knowing a region being aware not only on the historical and cultural aspects but as well on natural and landscapes facts.

Many people visit the Black Forest region going just to the main cities and villages, but they loose many aspects of the culture not going to different natural places very easy to arrive on foot, just a few minutes walking you can get beautiful places that make you understand the traditional culture of the Black Forest and other mountain regions near by.

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