Rachele Fiorelli is a local tour guide in Palermo, Italy, who speaks Italiano (native), English

Rachele Fiorelli
First visit: 09 January 2018
Last visit: 06 October 2020
Palermo, Italy
Italiano (native), English
since 2017
An excellent trip is a mixture of experiencing the beauty of a new place with unexpected discoveries. The organization, the logistics, the encounters with the locals, which necessarily includes relationships created with guides and the empathic impact with new aspects of a foreign culture are also very important elements
Hi Everyone, my name is Rachele but you can call me Rari! Im an art historian and I have united what I have studied with a constant research into less well known aspects of my city, region and local history in general. I m also very interested in how the history of a place is still linked with real life, because it is still possible to find traces of ancient history in contemporary contexts. In my opinion an excellent way of coming into contact with a new city is to taste the flavors of the local dishes, which is why I have studied the gastronomical history and habits of the old markets in Sicily and especially in Palermo. I have excellent people skills, Im open minded, and really keen on learning about new cultures and new ways of life. Im also an organized person who loves planning every aspect of a tour while at the same time leaving space for unexpected moments that make a trip unforgettable. BEFORE TO BOOK PLEASE CONTACT ME TO ARRANGE TOGETHER DAY AND TIME. THANKS

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