Remco Aalst is a local tour guide in Johannesburg, South Africa, who speaks English (native), Deutsch, Nederlands

Remco Aalst
First visit: 27 January 2023
Last visit: 14 March 2024
Johannesburg, South Africa
English (native), Deutsch, Nederlands
since 2016
Exploring the African bush is my passion, as no day is the same as the next. I offer a range of tours into the bushveld, in different parks that suit your needs. If you looking for a unique experience, we can design a tour specific to the desired habitat and animals you would like to see. Special arrangements can always be made to suit your specific needs
I was born in South Africa, grew up in the Netherlands, but took the first opportunity to return to my Country of origin as soon as I could. Visiting South Africa during my childhood holidays just ignited the desire in me to get more involved in the wild nature and alluring wildlife of this country.

I'm a volunteer for multiple organizations where we assist the different park boards with fund raising and labor work initiatives like working in the park to restore its historical sites. It gives a whole different view of the each park and makes you understand the dynamics that function within.

I enjoy meeting new people and showing people the African bush. One of the best experiences is seeing the reaction when people see their first big animal, special bird, or the first time they see an amazing African sunrise/sunset.
Traveling around the globe has allowed me to meet amazing people and guides. Now I like to help visitors explore the beauty and tranquility of my favorite place... the African bush.

Besides being passionate I am qualified too.

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