Ricardo Ramos is a local tour guide in Cascais e Estoril and the surrounding area

Ricardo Ramos
First visit: 16 October 2019
Last visit: 15 August 2022
Cascais e Estoril, Portugal
Português (native), English, Español, Italiano,
since 2019
I offer the best of what Portugal have got to offer. I'm a easy going but professional tour guide. i speak portuguese native, portuguese from Brazil, english and spanish.
I'm a charismatic person who likes to tell the tales and the history of Portugal.
Who likes to shere the landscapes, the sightseeing, the gastronomy who has so much offer.
Are you up with that?
Imagine yourself that scenario. You are at google, checking places to Travel , for your vacations and your wife keeps on complaining... did you found it? And suddenly your face, begins to change... and your scream... aleluiaaaaaaa! Eurekaaaaa! Your wife runs like never before... almost falls flat on the floor. Is Portugal the place to go. But then it comes a question... we need a tourguide, who knows Portugal, and what name he stumbles it down? Ricardo Ramos! On his site, has so many beautiful pictures, and only a few clients. He's gotta be cheaper than the most. Shall we make the contact? - hello am i speaking with Ricardo Ramos?

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