Robert Bralic is a local tour guide in Split, Croatia, who speaks Hrvatski (native), English

Robert Bralic
First visit: 08 August 2023
Last visit: 12 August 2023
Split, Croatia
Hrvatski (native), English,
since 2013
Tailor-made tours for Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina. Professional driving guide services for Croatia, with or without exploration stops included.
I am tour guide and an entrepreneur of a destination management company based in Split, Croatia. With a profound focus on crafting bespoke itineraries and corporate incentives and hosting scheduled tours covering special interest tourism and social entrepreneurship.

Diverse experiences shaped my journey to tourism waters; starting with mechanical engineering and professional driving, I didn't stop nurturing my complementary childhood passions in photography, music, history and philosophy. I soon began managing concerts within the ex-Yugoslavian territory and contributing to recording studio albums and several music videos.

Working through my marriage in a family-run business within the olive oil industry, I forged strong connections with local producers, family farms, winemakers and various artists, enriching my knowledge of the region's resources and culture. As I slowly transitioned into tourism, I further expanded my expertise as a professional tour guide, leading diverse groups and individuals across the Eastern Adriatic since 2013, offering signature travel experiences through unique itineraries and sustainable tourism practices. Creativity and close collaboration with local experts and manufacturers have created a field for extraordinary journeys, producing deep destination immersion by blending local knowledge, authenticity and client requirements.

My commitment to sustainability led to supplier management and the voluntary purchase and removal of emitted greenhouse gases, earning the company the prestigious Travelife Certified award for sustainable business management in tourism.

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