Suez Akram is a local tour guide in Bharatpur, India, who speaks हिन्दी (native), বাংলা, English, French

Suez Akram
First visit: 04 May 2018
Last visit: 26 November 2023
Bharatpur, India
हिन्दी (native), বাংলা, English, French,
since 1992
Specialise in Wildlife, Archeology, History and Culinary Arts and conduct tours in India based on these. Speak fluent French, Persian, English and 10 Indian Languages and dialects.
Have been working as a tour guide for a long time and my work has been appreciated a lot. Often, I get recommendations for my services in India. Have conducted tours for two to 50 people that have all gone very well. A good sense of humour, coupled with extensive knowledge in my subjects. also a wildlife photographer.

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