Taise Delphine is a local tour guide in Batchenga, Cameroon, who speaks English (native), French

Taise Delphine
First visit: 28 March 2024
Last visit: 29 April 2024
Batchenga, Cameroon
English (native), French
since 2010

I offer the following tours depending on your interest and * Historical tours in museums, monuments, statues of important personalities who are the backbone behind the History of Cameroon and urbanization of Yaounde during the Colonial and post Colonial periods, buildings, streets which marked important events in Yaounde, slave trade ruins, Colonial cemeteries......., * Ethnocultural tours in Royal palaces, Sultanate, lamidats, museums, Handicraft Centers, festivals celebrations with respect to the period, permitting Tourists to discover, experience or learn if interested local cultures and diverse traditions in Cameroon grouped into four cultural zones namely ; the Fang-Beti-Bulu who are people of the forest regions of Cameroon, the grass field people of the western Highlands regions of Cameroon, the SAWA who are people of the coastal regions of Cameroon and the Sudano-Sahelian people who are people of the Northern regions of Cameroon and are mostly Moslems * Eno-gastronomy tours enabling you to have a taste of our very special delicacies and a sip of our local wine from or raffia, maize, millet, flower Leaves and baobab fruits. The varied local dishes of the about 250 ethnic groups in Cameroon, all summarized into four major cultural Zones due to their specificities and similarities in terms of customs and traditions, climate, vegetation, language. * Nature , safaris photos and cruise tours on rivers, sea worth breathtaking and relaxing of your nerves. Discovering of mangrove forest vegetation,medicinal plant species, admiring the beautiful wonders of nature while trekking in the forest, viewing of varied species of monkeys like giant gorillas,lion, giraffe, buffalos, hippopotamus, and à host of other important wildlife species in the several National Parks here in Cameroon. Visiting of caves, falls........ * Religious tours by following the footprints of spirituality, by visiting very important spiritual sites highly recognized as places for sanctity like grottos, Basilica, Cathedral, monasteries, some spiritual sites of important events, monuments in buildings and statues of the main founders of Christianity in Yaounde and Cameroon, not forgetting their important works ,mosques

I am Delphine your passionate tour guide and I like meeting new people to share a lot about the beautiful and unique things in my Country of important interest. I also truly like when people are amazed, happy and satisfied by the encounters they have and the new discovery and experience with me as a their tour Guide. I am aware my principal role is to ensure your safety and security . That is why you shall be my priority all through our tours. Do not hesitate to share any concern of yours before and during tours. I speak, read and write English and French languages. I have a basic knowledge in Spanish. Like I said, all my tours will depend on you as regards your interest, duration and the type of activities you will like to have so that I can do a customized tour for you which could be ; 1 day, 2-3days, 5-6days

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