Yoram Neri is a local tour guide in Jerusalem, Israel, who speaks עברית (native), English

Yoram Neri
First visit: 13 September 2017
Last visit: 17 September 2017
Jerusalem, Israel
עברית (native), English,
since 1988
As a licensed tour guide, my task isn’t just to show you the sightseeing and learn about Israel (though I'm here for that too) – it's my goal that you will have a memorable travel experience which will enrich your understanding on life in the Holy land in the past and present.
Thanks to my expertise in ancient History & Archaeology (M.A., Maritime Civilizations, University of Haifa), I can offer to take you to a country wide exciting & interesting tours of holy sites, Jewish, Islam and Christian as well as an opportunity to get acquainted with both the old and the new, the ancient and the modern. As a licensed tour guide, I will gladly answer all your questions and share with you my experience so that you will get the best service .

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