Private tour guide in Cusco who speaks Español (native), English - Cesar Velasquez

Cesar Velasquez
First visit: 30 October 2017
Last visit: 25 June 2019
Cusco, Peru
Español (native), English,
since 2016
Get to know the marvelous city of Cusco, the capital of the Inkan Empire. Allow us to take you on a journey through time where you can see the vestiges of the Inkan and colonial empires in the modern-day city of Cusco - Walking Tour - City Tour & Nearby Ruins - Sacred Valley Tour - Maras - Moray Tour - South Valley - Machupicchu - Etc.
Hola, I am Cesar, from Cusco - Peru, I am a Qosqoruna (Cusquenian), I consider myself as a connoisseur of the local culture, researcher of the history and archaeology of my country and its ancient cultures such as Inka and pre-Inka cultures, I would like to show you and explore my city

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