Charlotte Chu
First visit: 26 March 2016
Last visit: 26 March 2016
Charlotte Chu
Singapore, Singapore
English (native),
since 2008
Besides the usual attractions, I can tailor the tours to your specific interests.
I have been a registered professional Singapore tour guide for the last 9 years and loves every minute of it. As a self professed ‘information junkie’, Charlotte marries her personal experiences with an insatiable knowledge of Singapore history and heritage. She delights in sharing the nooks and crannies of Singapore with her audiences. She has in her collection many photographs of the ‘old’ Singapore which she uses as props on her tours; the photographs put into perspective how much Singapore has changed in the last 50 years. On her tours, Charlotte tries to evoke all the five senses: interesting sites with visuals of past events and places; informative commentary with a dose of humour; drink and snack stops to uphold Singapore’s reputation as a ‘Food Paradise’.

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